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At YTBC, we care about the well being of your children! Children are a gift from God and we seek to protect and honor that gift by providing the utmost care. We seek to invest our time and energy in helping children understand who God is, that they are special, that they can trust Him, and that they can follow Jesus everyday. 

In the YT Nursery, we provide separate rooms for bed babies, 1s / 2s, and 3s / 4s. When you arrive in the YT Kids department, you will be asked to give us information about your child including allergies, pacifiers, bottles, diapers, etc. We ask that you share important issues, special notes about personalized care in order to provide the most effective care for your child. 

We will also ask for a cell number. This will be the way we contact you if your child needs you during your time at YT. We will simply send a text asking you to come to nursery. 

If you have any questions before your arrival to YT, feel free to call the office at (256)383.6482.