Health Ministry

nurseHealing was an integral part of the foundation of the Christian tradition.  Jesus looks at the whole person.  We at YTBC have a desire to provide a ministry which reclaims the church’s role in promoting health, healing, and wholeness from the whole person perspective.   – physical, emotional and spiritual.

Heath Ministry Office hours are:    

  • Each Wednesday from 5:00 – 6:30 PM at YTBC
  • 1st Tuesday of each month from 5-6 PM prior to the Abundant Lifers meeting.

 Blood Pressure checks and health information will be available at these times and at other times by appointment.  To make an appointment with our Congregational Health Nurse at a time other than during office hours, contact the church office at 383-6482 and leave a message for the nurse.  She will contact you as soon as possible.

            Our goals are to:

  • Assist the church family in identifying their beliefs and needs related to healing.
  •  Function as the health educator to promote wellness to the congregation, staff, and community through health education in the form of classes, materials, screenings, and personal contact.
  • Function as a health advocate by providing heath care information, encouragement, prayers, and visits to those for whom a need is identified…i.e. homebound, hospitalized, or nursing home patients, etc.